IZA Business Centers Arcos Bosques is located very near the Valley of Santa Fe in the exclusive Bosques de las Lomas and offers you at 21 and 26 floor of this skyscraper rent furnished and equipped offices world-class and rooms joint fully equipped to make your business successful.

This impressive tower shows an architectural design that includes two parallel towers of 29 floors each, connected by a lintel of 4 floors at the top, giving the appearance of a huge bow, because this design is dubbed by the public as " the pant "or" pants Santa Fe ".

At the top of the tower is the highest heliport of the Forest area of omas and Santa Fe, which provides easy access to corporate entrepreneurs from making it the perfect place for office rental. The facades of the tower are white made with white cement and marble hand-chiselled, the crystals are polarized in a green tone that gives an elegance to the building.