IZA spaces, composed Izamco S.A. de C.V., Mariza S.A. de C.V. SA and Inmobiliaria Izamarc de C.V. (Hereinafter for brevity and IZA) is the controller of your personal data. Our home, which will be the same to hear and receive notifications is. Hidalgo 738 Pte Colonia Centro, Monterrey, NL You can also contact us by mail: datospersonales@izabc.com.

Protection of Personal Data.

IZA will use strict protection mechanisms, so that data management is done by observing the principles established in the normative framework of matter, such as security, integrity, privacy and confidentiality.

Purposes of processing personal data.

Your personal data will be used for the following primary purposes: To provide service office rental, carts or local.

Additionally we may use your information for the following secondary objectives: to marketing purposes to set out promotions as well as for sending our quarterly magazine. Please indicate that secondary purpose authorize us:

___ Yes ___ No, I authorize the use of my data for marketing purposes.

___ Yes ___No, I authorize the use of my data for sending the quarterly magazine.

Personal data under treatment.

Personal data collected will be those that you directly provided us (official filings, such as credential handling or voter registered in the SHCP, IMSS high or insurer, birth certificate and proof of address), and the information obtained other sources which are permitted by law.

The Personal Data which we treat are: identification data (full name, age, sex, marital status, photograph, date of birth, CURP and RFC), contact information (address, phone, email, fax), Data Labor (company seat), data on physical characteristics (blood type) Data Migration (Nationality).

Sensitive Personal Data, Financial and Estate.

Data related to your affiliate No. IMSS, information relating to personal property (Automobile -color, plates, make and model-) and bank statements: the following capital and financial data of customers is also collected.

Similarly treatment was given to the following sensitive data: data on health status (indications in an emergency). These sensitive data have special protection.

In accordance with the provisions of Article 10, Section IV of the Law of the matter, no consent to the processing of personal data will be necessary when the purpose of fulfilling obligations under a legal relationship between the holder and responsible for So to already exist an employment relationship between you and IZA will not need to obtain consent.

ARCO rights.

You have the right to rectify and cancel their personal data and to object to their treatment or revoke consent for this purpose have given us through the procedures we have implemented. For these procedures, requirements and deadlines, you can contact the company by calling +52 (81) 8000-0000 or visit our website, in the section "Contact" and write to attend IZA their needs in www.izabc.com.mx page or through an email to datospersonales@izabc.com.

Transfer of Personal Data.

IZA may share your information with third parties who request: Please contact me. Data will include: full name, phone and email. For consent to this transfer please do know by sending an email to datospersonales@izabc.com.

Without limiting the foregoing, IZA agree not to transfer your information to third parties, except as permitted by law and, where appropriate, make such transfers subject to the conditions specified therein.

Changes in the Privacy Policy.

IZA reserves the right to make changes at any time or update this privacy notice to comply with new legislation. The modifications will be available through our Human Resources Reception is located in: Hidalgo 738 Pte Colonia Centro, Monterrey, NL, or on our website www.izabc.com.mx..

Last update: 25 / Sept / 2014